A premium gathering of Asia’s most influential CHROs and HR professionals in-person.


21-22 MARCH 2023  |  9AM-5PM  |  SINGAPORE








Day Event



Case studies


CHROs, HR gurus & leaders


Day Event



Case studies


CHROs, HR gurus & leaders



Be part of Asia’s most exciting and progressive gathering of HR leaders, change makers and disruptors as they celebrate the talent, technology and ideas in this remarkable era of workplace transformation.

Future-forward and inspiring – and meticulously researched – #AccelerateHR is designed to unfold the complexities of tomorrow and explore the new realities that will dominate the workplace in 2023 and beyond.


The last 3 years have changed everything. For businesses. For leaders. For employees. Now, as the dust settles, one fact becomes clear: Power has shifted.

From organisations to people.

As organisations plan for 2023 and beyond, CHROs and HR leaders grapple with talent shortages, rising costs, supply scarcity and other issues that required an agile and resilient strategic plan. Whilst the future remains uncertain, innovation and technology continue to lead instrumental change in the nature of work. Now, more than ever, is the time to reimagine why, where, and how work gets done — and unleash endless potential of an ever-evolving workplace and meeting the changing workforce expectations. 

Back, bigger, better, and what’s more, as an in-person event happening live in Singapore –Accelerate HR 2023 brought to you by Human Resources Online is a prominent HR event you can’t afford to miss. Be inspired with over 30 deep-dive sessions from leading workplace trailblazers and HR innovators as they foster creative collisions via future forward keynotes, informative case study-driven breakout sessions, interactive panels and debates, fireside chats, and spark high-value discussions with over 250 people leaders in the region.

The two-day, power-packed agenda is designed to help CHROs and HR leaders meet the demands of the future through the discovery of megatrends that are profoundly changing people management practices – and together, how we can forge people-centred future of work.

As digital transformation continues to dominate the world of work, so will the following key trends in 2023 and beyond:

#1 Reinvention: The flipside of disruptive change

The future will continue to be full of opportunities and challenges with continuous digital disruption, global shortages and supply chain issues, and evolving customer expectations. These resulted to changing business models which gave rise to new ways of working and hybrid work models.

Organisations are putting people at the heart of everything they do and empowering employees’ productivity with technology and purpose at work.

If the past three years were years of unplanned reinvention, 2023 is where it gets intentional.

#2 Scarcity: Combating the talent shortage

Attraction and retention used to be a numbers game. However, with the broadening talent gap caused by fast economic expansion and digital acceleration, 2023 would call for a much more human approach.

Organisations should consider all the levers they have available to them for fostering and strengthening relationships with talent —from compensation, rewards, and benefits to learning and development, succession and DE&I.

In 2023, organisations will place higher focus in solving the shortage from the inside out.

#3 Vitality: Employee wellbeing takes centre stage

To offset the negative impact of the pandemic on productivity and performance, organisations need to put employee wellbeing at the heart of talent strategy and monitor and nurture it more seriously than ever.

It has been proven in 2022 that cultivating vitality for employees has brought a positive impact on engagement, retention, absenteeism and productivity levels, and overall employee satisfaction at the workplace.

2023 will see a rise in organisations building resilience and adaptability in employees to survive and thrive when times get tough.

#4 Sustainability: Walk the talk for a sustainable future

In 2023, it is expected to see more and more organisations waking up to the reality that talk alone will not get them where they need to be in driving the ESG agenda. They need to commit to action, action that transforms. There is a need to change mindset and skillsets, and organisations must connect everyone behind a purpose they can be proud of.

The time has come for a more people-focused approach to building a sustainable future. HR needs to consider how to drive employees to deliver the organisation’s ESG strategy, Otherwise, ESG and sustainability efforts are bound to fall short.

2023 needs decisive steps and HR intervention when it comes to ESG – in turning talk into walk.

#5 Individuality: Employee experiences are personal and customised

To attract, engage, retain and access the best talent, organisations will need to meet these changing demands by delivering consumer-grade employee experiences at work.

It is predicted that 2023 will be a year when more and more organisations will start individualising the employee experience, to be able to understand employees at a deeper level to keep them happy, motivated and driven in the organisation.

2023 is going to be the year of the employee. They know what they want, but can the organisation give it to them?

#6 Inclusivity: Unleashing the power of community

To say these past two years have been immensely tough is an understatement. But it has been proven that diverse and inclusive teams are better at solving complex problems during these trying times, however harnessing the collaborative power of diverse teams takes some doing.

In 2023, we expect to see a rise in purpose-led organisations. Collaboration will be empowered no matter the employee’s background, experience, gender, or race. Organisations will need to address the issues of “invisible people and unheard voices” to unlock the true power and potential of all.

Get ready for the big shift—from “me” to “we” in 2023.

Future of Work Trends 2022, Korn Ferry

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