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9.15am - Opening address

 Aditi Sharma Kalra
 Regional Editor
 Human Resources Online


9.20am - Inside the boardroom: Positioning HR as a strategic enabler through changing business environment
  • Exploring key opportunities and ways HR can collaborate with C-suite leaders to overcome business downturn.
  • Discover how organisations have leveraged limited human capital resources to accommodate to the economic uncertainty.
  • Defining what the new norm means for the business and how HR can lead the way forward.

 Farid Basir

 Laurent Bertrand
 Chief Executive Officer

 Wiwik Wahyuni
 Home Credit Indonesia

10.10am - Recession management: The impact on HR
  • Identifying the megatrends that will shape the world of work tomorrow.
  • The need to protect and grow your skill set to emerge stronger in times of uncertainty.
  • Capitalising on the gig economy to bring in specialised skills at affordable costs.
10.40am - Refreshment break
10.50am - Navigating uncertainty: Strengthening the capabilities of the HR function to become a trusted advisor to the CEO
  • Providing diagnosis of the workplace talent via intelligent tools and offering immediate solutions to curb the issue.
  • Possessing analytical thinking skills to get the depth of thinking, linked to the bigger business goals.
  • What are the elements of future leaders from a purpose and value perspective?

 Dato’ Kahlis
 Group Chief Human Capital Officer
 Malaysia Airlines


11.30am - Prepare your planning cycle early centered around your Talent as a subset
  • Re branding HR to CEG (Colleague Experience Group) and what does that mean for CEG, the workforce and the business?
  • Starting your planning cycle early to ensure the business remains capable and well prepared.
  • Driving your people agenda through a business lens enabling the business to meet its objectives.

 American Express

12.10pm - Lunch
1.10pm - People-centric design: Propelling effective organisations through a purpose-led approach
  • Empowering employees to become meaningful contributors to the organisation. Empowering employees to become meaningful contributors to the organisation.
  • Leveraging on a strategic framework that improves communication and increases buy-in from employees.
  • Strengthening relationships and alignment between leaders and employees.

 Leonard Cheong
 Managing Director
 AdNovum Singapore and Vietnam

1.50pm - Getting your hands dirty: Acknowledging hands-on business leaders as a value add and shaping the organisational culture
  • How Edelman walks the talk and is constantly on the lookout to elevate its cultural experience for its employees?
  • Driving innovation from the top to lead and champion management of talent within the organisation.
  • Establishing trust as the new currency and driving culture, beginning from its leaders.

 Mazuin Zin
 Managing Director
 Edelman Malaysia

2.30pm - Refreshment break
2.55pm - Purpose-driven mission: Driving workplace satisfaction by putting meaning back into work
  • How can you instil job satisfaction among employees beyond the job role?
  • Designing a culture that employees are proud to be part of.
  • Leveraging on a safe and open culture to close the gap between performance delivery and what employees want.

 Amit Dawn
 Unza Vitalis (Wipro)

3.30pm - End of day one

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