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9.15am - Opening address

 Aditi Sharma Kalra
 Regional Editor
 Human Resources Online


9.20am - Mentor-guided approach: Anchoring strong leadership to motivate the workforce
  • C-suite talk and conveying the right message about learning organisation-wide.
  • With personalised learning moving away from training calendar, how can HR strategically balance the economies of scale for mentor training?
  • Measuring readiness of leaders to engage in motivation learning.

 Siti Aishah Lassim
 Chief Human Resources Officer

10.25am - Workforce up skilling: Integrating talent development frameworks into succession planning strategy
  • Identifying talent gaps between learning and talent management objectives.
  • Collaborating with the business to ensure alignment of talent development outputs to overall business objectives.
  • Focusing on people development to help employees see their future with the organisation.

 Genevieve Goh
 Director, Talent Management

10.55am - Refreshment break
11.05am - The science of changing workplace: Exploring employee habits that are revolutionising the future of work
  • Delving into greater insights on employee interaction and engagement in the office.
  • Discussing employees’ collaboration methods and how work patterns are changing.
  • Discovering the answers to frequently asked questions through this session with a prominent HR figure.

 Susan Armstrong
 Managing Partner
 Global Training Transformation, UK

11.45am - Bridging the gap: Tackling skill shortages and talent scarcity in the fourth industrial revolution
  • Partnering with education to influence and drive the teaching of the right skills in future talent.
  • Leveraging alternative and personalised career pathways to develop the skills needed.
  • Overcoming skills shortages through cross-industry and cross-sector collaborations.

 Sharon Seet
 Regional HR Director
 World Courier

12.15pm - Lunch


1.15pm - The power of people data: Enhancing your talent management and workforce planning with predictive HR analytics
  • Positioning HR at the forefront of business and the provider of business intelligence.
  • Exploring how employee’ insights can shape business strategies and long-term development.
  • Leveraging people analytics to enhance your talent management and workforce planning

Nestlé_Jordan-Pettman Jordan Pettman
 Global Head, People Data, Analytics and Planning
 Nestlé, UK

1.45pm - Looking outside in with the digital lens: Challenging stakeholders using data to drive effectiveness at a profit margin level
  • Engaging in constructive debates with stakeholders to test your digital strategy and validate results.
  • Is your HR team motivated by affiliation or a sense of achievement in terms of ROI?
  • Working backwards from revenue perspective to long-term profit sustainability using people centric data results.

 Chua Chai Ping
 HR Director

2.20pm - Refreshment break
2.30pm - The people-data inequality problem: Leveraging operational data principles to improve employee experience
  • Powering up O data analytics capabilities to extract deep insight into the organisational health to develop better employee engagement programs and support.
  • Enhancing the use of people analytics to personalise and enhance employee experience, which can radically improve a company’s bottom line.
  • Learning how to maximise and mature your employee X data through O data principles and best practices
2.55pm - Pushing performance management boundaries: Driving business profitability through a three-pronged mobile app
  • Infusing hybrid rewards focusing on both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation to drive performance.
  • Promoting workplace health and employee engagement to increase revenue.
  • Aligning your business objectives to employees task in order to achieve bottom line business productivity.
3.30pm - End of day two

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