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Opening address

Aditi Sharma Kalra, Regional Editor, Human Resources Online

Leading agile transformation: Strengthening the agility of the HR function through digital transformation
  • Sharing from IDC study with C- Level insights on state of digital transformation of organisations in Thailand.
  • Centering people and organisation agility as key levers in the digitalisation journey.
  • Understanding the foundation of technology as an enabler for change.

Rob Wells, President of Asia,Workday

Panel Discussion: Fuelling the future: Building a flexible and integrated HR department to lead the evolution
  • Recognising the HR function as strategic enablers responsible to drive and lead digital transformation.
  • Modernising HR strategies by leveraging the use of data analytics and automation technologies.
  • Working closely with tech teams and other HR units towards elevating future HR initiatives.

Aditi Sharma Kalra, Regional Editor, Human Resources Online

Weerapat Sapakarn, Chief Human Resources Officer, FWD Life Insurance
Arindam Mukherjee, Global Head of People & Organisation, DKSH
David Le Ny,
Group Chief HR Officer, Dextra Asia

Future of EX: Integrating design, people science and AI to create compelling employee experiences
  • Highlighting the importance of building positive employee experiences at workplace
  • Diving into the use of design, people science and AI for better employee experiences
  • Exploring key learning outcomes through’s research and work

Tareef Jafferi, Founder and CEO,

Coffee and networking break
Shifting mindsets: Leading transformation by developing confidence in people to embrace HR innovation
  • Eliminating anxiety around the impact of HR technology to help people embrace new ways of working.
  • Effectively articulating the benefits of HR innovation to drive growth.
  • Creating a road map to effectively design and implement change in organisations.

Martin Kilcline, Director of People Systems, Agoda

The power of people data: Reshaping your future workforce with predictive HR analytics
  • Positioning HR at the forefront of business and the provider of business intelligence.
  • Exploring how employee’ insights can shape business strategies and long-term development.
  • Leveraging people analytics to enhance your talent management and workforce planning.

Benchawan Chaikittiratana, Head of People Intelligence Kasikornbank

Speed networking
The art of engagement: Exploring effective leadership strategies to enhance the productivity of a blended workforce
  • Understanding what motivates different demographics to enhance engagement strategies.
  • Increasing productivity and performance by customising an engagement approach for each demographic.
  • Looking into how HR leaders realign engagement strategies to lead a multigenerational workforce

Nititra Sara Tienrakvicha, Director, Human Resources,Tilleke & Gibbins International

Connector managers: Building a strong coaching function to boost employee performance
  • Highlighting the attributes of effective connector managers towards building powerhouse teams.
  • Improving employee productivity and building exceptional talent through the use of connector managers.
  • Extracting better returns from development and coaching programmes by collaborating with connector managers.

Somkiat Sakulsuraekkapong, VP, Human Resources and Business Excellence, MSIG Insurance

Coffee and networking break
Putting success back into succession planning: Developing a robust skills transfer strategy for high-potentials
  • Developing a mentoring framework to ensure the effective and efficient transfer of skills.
  • Tapping into the leadership potential of high performers by developing them beyond a role’s standard skill set.
  • Rethinking the managerial structure and moving beyond hierarchies to enable more creative ways of working.

Mila Pascual-Nodusso, Human Resources Director, East Asia, Electrolux

Closing address

Aditi Sharma Kalra, Regional Editor, Human Resources Online

End of day one
Opening address

Aditi Sharma Kalra, Regional Editor, Human Resources Online

Digital HR journey: Delving into the new Code of Work
  • Conversational vs. approval hierarchy: Highlighting how digital workflows varies according to different workforce characteristics
  • Open (connected) vs. closed (monolithic): Looking into how data silos will merge and how unification will come in
  • Data visualisation vs. reporting : Tapping into the evolution of HR analytics

Kiran Kumar, Founding Member,PeopleStrong

Upskilling and retraining: Addressing the talent needs of ever-changing dynamic organisations
  • Accelerating workforce reskilling to be able to shift existing talent into new roles.
  • Conducting rigorous behaviour analysis before considering any development initiatives for change.
  • Creating a blended learning experience that changes behaviour and maximises a talent’s potential

Renu Arora, Global Talent Management and Talent Acquisition Director,Minor Food

Coffee and networking break
Successful onboarding: Creating a dynamic path to engage new talent for better retention and higher productivity
  • Ensuring a seamless transition from onboarding with technology that supports learning continuity.
  • Integrating onboarding with learning technology to ensure the organisation has full visibility over an employee’s entire learning journey.
  • Transforming from traditional induction methods to enhance the quality of the overall onboarding experience

Jenpakorn Veerachayapornpong, Vice President People and Culture,Pacific Healthcare

Networking game – Soapbox
Digital learning: Enhancing and optimising employee learning experience with micro learning tools
  • Customising learning methods and delivery modes to encourage self-directed learning.
  • Modernising L&D strategies by leveraging new media, technology and learning platforms.
  • Discussing the appropriate training strategies to upskill, reskill and cross-skill the millenial workforce.

Subbu Viswanathan, Co-founder and CEO,Disprz

Exploring effective action plans to develop and capture soft skills for the future workforce
  • Looking into the importance of building human skills in the age of technology and automation.
  • Designing learning programmes and initiatives that increase emotional intelligence and people skills.
  • Discussing the various challenges faced, and solutions, in developing soft skills for employees.

Amanda Oldridge,Human Resources Director,Linfox International Group

Personalised learning pathways: Customising learning journeys by matching skills with career trajectories
  • Creating personalised learning experiences for each employee in line with the organisation’s needs.
  • Encouraging employees to focus on skills they want to learn and acquire rather than ticking boxes in the organisation.
  • Mapping out a pre-defined training road map that is laser-focused on what each employee needs to accomplish through learning.

Andre Young Dipo Presma, HR Director, Thailand and Laos, Schneider Electric

Coffee and networking break
Panel Discussion: Bridging the gap: Zooming into HR initiatives towards overcoming talent scarcity in the workforce
  • Developing an integrated roadmap with a strong focus on investment in digital talent, skills and technology.
  • Exploring different measures applied by organisations in Thailand towards tackling skills shortages in the workforce.
  • Delving into how partnerships work between different HR units to influence and drive skills development for talent.

Pratik Sabherwal, Head of Employer Brand Advisory, APAC,Universum

Christopher Lim, Director, Global HR Business Partner, Consumer Goods, DKSH
Andre Baumgartner, Regional VP, Talent Acquisition & Administration, Pomelo
Ditthawat Sopitarpapong, Strategic Human Resources Manager, FUJIFILM (Thailand) Ltd.
Adisak Ritthanan, General Manager of Human Resources &Organisation Development, Mitsubishi Motors

Closing address

Aditi Sharma Kalra, Regional Editor, Human Resources Online

End of Accelerate HR 2019
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