Where and when will the event be held? 
Corporate Wellbeing Asia will be held on 11 October 2023 at Shangri-La Singapore. Only pre-registered delegates are given entry to the conference.
Will I be able to download any of the presentations shown at the event? 
Yes, you will be able to download the slides upon completion of the feedback form shared with you at the end of the day. Please note that only slides approved by speakers for sharing will be downloadable.
What if I can’t attend at the last minute? 
Given the nature of this event, the success of Corporate Wellbeing Asia is highly dependent on a full turnout and commitment from all participants. If you are unable to attend at the last minute, please do inform the HRO team, as well as nominate your colleague/teammate to attend in your place.
Am I able to bring a colleague or friend along?
Yes, you may! However, all conference attendees will be vetted prior to registration, so please do keep the HRO team posted.
Can we choose our seats at the conference? 
No, tables will be allocated and pre-assigned prior to the conference. This is to ensure you benefit from all on-site conversations as they will be rotated across zones.
Do I have to bring along anything to the conference? 
Simply bring yourself, a positive and open attitude to learning, a jacket/shawl (it might get cold), and your business cards. As an attendee, you are not required to prepare a presentation.