About the event

Employee Healthcare Interactive will engage you in an unique and immersive experience through a valuable two-way discussion, leaving you with insights from leading practitioners and experts.

As Deloitte’s global health and wellness report outlines the need for stronger collaboration towards a Healthier Lives model by 2023, the first step is to build a community and win trust through transparency to look ahead for a better future. This will be integrated into the conversations as attendees will be involved in four themed round-table discussions with a perfectly sized group of exciting peers. Each discussion will be led by hand-picked experts who will draw the group members into the discussion and create an open and conducive environment for a valuable debate. How involved you get is left entirely up to you!

Interspersed between the interactive round-table sessions will be lively on-stage panel sessions and keynote presentations focusing on the newest trends and practices – so there will never be a dull moment throughout a very busy day.

About the organiser

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