A Human Resources Online conference isn’t like a normal conference so, whether this is the first conference you’ve ever attended or whether you’ve been to more than you care to remember, it’s not unusual for you to have questions about making your conference experience as smooth, enjoyable and productive as possible. We’ve written down the answers to many of them:

Is lunch provided?
Yes. Morning refreshments, lunch and tea breaks are provided at no cost.
How do I attend?

Simply click here and fill in the necessary information or you can email Nadya Oenara, Regional Producer

How much does it cost to attend?

If you would like to register please click here or simply email Nadya Oenara, Regional Producer. HR vendors and solution providers can email sales@humanresourcesonline.net for an opportunity to join us at the conference.

If I request an invitation does it mean that my place is confirmed?

Please note that requesting an invitation does not confirm your place at the conference. You will hear from our team shortly regarding the status of your registration. Your place at the conference is only confirmed once you have received the confirmation email.

What if I am not a healthcare and wellness expert?

We warmly welcome all HR practitioners involved in the strategic, implementation or the execution phase of their HR wellness and healthcare programmes to request an invite for the conference. However, your participation is only confirmed once you have received the confirmation email.

What if I would like to bring a colleague or a friend along?

Please direct your colleague and/or friend to request an invitation to attend the conference or simply email Nadya Oenara, Regional Producer with your enquiry.

What if I am only able to attend a few sessions?

Given the nature of our event, the success of our event is highly dependent on a full attendee turnout and commitment from each participant. We would highly encourage you to keep your whole day free to maximise your learning opportunity. Hence if you are only able to attend a few sessions, we suggest for you to send someone else of high seniority from the HR function in your place and please let Nadya Oenara, Regional Producer, know in advance.

Can I cancel my registration after my seat has been confirmed?

We strongly discourage you from doing so as logistical arrangements have been made for you on behalf of your company. If you are unable to attend please inform Nadya Oenara, Regional Producer and provide a replacement of same seniority. Do note that the request will have to be re-approved/re-confirmed.

Can we choose our seats at the conference?

Your table number will be given to you at the start of the registration. We highly encourage you to remain at your allocated tables throughout the day to maximise your learning opportunity.

Can attendees change tables throughout the day?

No. The table hosts will rotate to cover all five topics with you.

Will the participants be broken into smaller breakout rooms?

No. All formats and sessions stated on the agenda will be held in a plenary format within the main conference ballroom. However in the main ballroom you will be engaged in smaller round table discussions at your table itself.

Are there complimentary parking coupons available?

Yes, a limited number of complimentary parking coupons are available upon registration, on a first-come-first-served basis. To increase your chances on securing a complimentary parking coupon, please arrive earlier at registration. 

What do I have to bring along for the conference?

Bring yourself, a positive and open attitude towards learning, a shawl/business jacket and your business cards for registration. As an attendee, you are not required to prepare a presentation.

When and where is this event held?

The event date is 10 October 2019, Thursday . The venue is Novotel Singapore On Stevens.

What time will the conference start/end?

The conference will begin at 9.00am and end at 5.00pm. Registration will be open from 8.00am.