Agenda For Day 1


7.30am - Registration

*Please bring along your business cards for registration.

9.00am - Opening address

Aditi Sharma Kalra, Regional Editor, Human Resources Online


9.10am - Building bridges: Moving up the value chain by linking L&D to business objectives
  • Recognising the L&D team as strategic enablers and not merely as support staff.
  • Establishing the mindset of a business unit responsible for driving strategy and leading change.
  • Developing learning solutions to achieve higher levels of business performance.

Raman Sidhu, Global Head Organisational Development & Learning, Global Commercial, Shell

9.50am - The power of an impactful L&D brand: Enhancing the profile of the learning function to increase learner engagement
  • Devising a strong L&D brand to elevate how the learning function is perceived within the organisation.
  • Exploring the importance of leveraging your L&D brand to create loyal learners.
  • Boosting take-up by articulating and communicating the benefits of learning effectively.

Tricia Duran, Head of Human Resources, Unilever Asia

10.30am - Coffee and networking break
11.00am - Personalised learning pathways: Customising learning journeys by matching skills with career trajectories
  • Creating personalised learning experiences for each employee in line with the organisation’s needs.
  • Encouraging employees to focus on skills they want to learn and acquire rather than ticking boxes in the organisation.
  • Mapping out a pre-defined training roadmap that is laser-focused on what each employee needs to accomplish through learning.

Shell Sharma, Head of Leadership, Talent, OD and Diversity & Inclusion, Aviva

11.40am - Power of communities: Delving into social learning and collaboration opportunities beyond the organisation
  • Leveraging profession-specific digital communities towards work skills’ enhancement.
  • Embedding social collaboration into the employees’ learning journey for an enriching learning experience.
  • Promoting knowledge-sharing and a culture of continuous learning in the organisation.

John Augustine Ong, Head of Learning & Development, Singapore Exchange

12.20pm - Speed networking
12.30pm - Lunch
1.30pm - Stream 1: Experiential digital learning | Stream 2: Learning measurement
Stream 1:
Defeating information deluge: Leveraging
micro-learning tools to fit hectic and fast-paced
work environments

Stream 2:
Data-driven learning: Unlocking valuable data
insights to design learning, and measuring its

• Customising learning methods and delivery modes to encourage self-directed learning.

• Breaking down learning content into
bite-sized chunks.

• Increasing learning effectiveness by enabling quick-search for learners.

Sonia Sant, Head, Learning Product Technology & Innovation and Operations, Standard Chartered Bank

• Employing a data-driven learning strategy to deliver high-impact initiatives.

• Using learning data to personalise learning courses based on learning styles, competencies and skills.

• Employing learning analytics to quantify the business impact of digital learning.

Guiam Wainwright, Head of Special Projects and Data, People & Culture, Circles.Life


2.10pm - Stream 1: Experiential digital learning | Stream 2: Learning measurement
Stream 1:
The power of motion: Enhancing and optimising employee learning experience with video-based e-learning

Stream 2:
Incentives and rewards: Mapping them to an
employee’s career development plan

• Case study discussion on incorporating technology to deliver easily digestible context-relevant content.

• Transitioning from a focus on formal training to context-relevant learning with video-based e-learning.

• Using video analytics to optimise training costs and employee engagement rate.

Valen Ng,Regional Sales Director, Panopto Asia

• Measuring the cost impact of incentivising learning against the employee’s performance after training.

• Promoting the positive impact of the learning programme for career advancement.

• Creating an optimal mix of training incentives and high performance rewards.

Gary Lee, Global Head, People &Organisational Development,Sivantos


2.50pm - Stream 1: Experiential digital learning | Stream 2: Learning measurement

Stream 1:
Gamified learning: Looking into groundbreaking strategies to increase learner engagement and knowledge retention

Stream 2:
Off-site programmes: Measuring the need and effectiveness of budget allocation for leadership development

• Developing a roadmap to gamify your current L&D strategies and increase learning outcomes.

• Embedding gamification techniques into your learning offeringforfun and engaging learning experiences.

• Incorporating impactful strategies towards self-directed learning.

Adrian Koh, Head of Organisational Development & Research,CXS International

Keith Ng, Co-Founder,Gametize

• Using data analytics to show if it is a valuable collaboration or an expensive dent in L&D’s leadership development budget.

• Illustrating the possible alternatives to achieve the organisation’s true business potential.

• Designing justifiable budgets that deliver performance gains.

Jean Lua, Regional Learning and Development Lead,Shopee

3.30pm - Coffee and networking break
4.00pm - Stream 1: Experiential digital learning | Stream 2: Learning measurement
  • Building the next-gen L&D function by reducing wasted learning.
  • Justifying spending on L&D programmes by measuring effectiveness against employee performance.
  • Measuring ROI for new tech integration into L&D programmes for improved productivity.

Konstantin A. Strangas, Director, Global Talent Management & Development,DB Schenker

5.00pm - End of day one