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Lead a learning revolution fit for the future of people function

No matter where you’re based, HR functions are bound to have experienced certain levels of adversity in today’s complex, rapidly-changing world. The sixth edition of Learning and Development Asia Singapore is here to support your mission in unraveling the business impact of upskilling.

With themes surrounding agility in learning, strategic leadership reinforcement, and adapting a learning culture to support business goals at #LearningDevelopmentAsia, gain a competitive edge with transformational L&D concepts.

Get ready to create, adapt and sustain new value in this new reality when you tap into the minds of the region’s leading HR and L&D leaders through a series of exclusive case-study presentations and interactive strategy discussions. Moreover, indulge in high value networking opportunities with more than 150 of the best HR and L&D professionals, and interact with the leading L&D solution providers!

Join #LearningDevelopmentAsia and be emboldened to optimise your current strategies as you strive for an engaged, agile and productive workforce beyond 2021.

Why two streams within #LearningDevelopmentAsia?

A study by Hays found that 67 percent of employees believe that their current skills will still be in demand in five years, while only 37 percent of employees are actively enhancing their professional skills, at least one to two hours a week. 

Employees today want personal and professional development. These employees perform better and stay longer with companies that have built a strong learning culture, developing employees for their current and future roles.

With heavy budget cuts and the priority for business leaders to keep the business afloat, #LeaningDevelopmentAsia aims to help HR and leaders alike to leverage on L&D functions to elevate the overall business agenda in the most cost-effective way. For 2021, we’re spotlighting two critical topic areas across all industries, including:

Strategic Leadership Reinforcement

The best L&D functions start when employers understand the emerging skill sets, make connections between employees’ own personal interests and organisational skill needs, and connect employees to the proper development experiences.

Explore the enticing realm of L&D in Stream 1 with topics on:

  • Instilling a leadership-driven culture for effective Communities of Practice (CoP).
  • Re-positioning coaching strategies with mentorship as a vital element to the business function.
  • Integrating talent development frameworks into succession planning strategy.

Learning Management and Measurement

In addition, with the advancement in technology, better corporate training programs and delivery methods are created.

Explore the enticing realm of L&D in Stream 2 with topics on:

  • Utilising integrated analytics to remove data biases in learning programmes.
  • Shifting the focus from technology to the management of gamified learning.
  • Creating mobile-enabled learning platforms.
  • Facilitating a learning culture for organisational development.

Conference themes

To close the gap between the employee and employer for Learning and Development in Asia, we will deliver highly relevant content to address your pressing needs, focusing on the following themes:

Day 1 themes

Progressing towards agility in learning

  • Crisis management and learning adaptation.
  • Instilling a purposeful learning mindset.

A learning culture for the business, by the business

  • Humanising learning to a fun and fulfilling culture.
  • Motivating the workforce through mentor guided approach.

Strategic leadership reinforcement

  • Effective Communities of Practice (CoP).
  • Reverse mentoring as a business need.
  • Planning succession with talent development.
  • Creating business value. 

Day 2 themes

Learning management and measurement

  • Removing learning data biases.
  • Managing gamified learning.
  • Driving learner engagement with mobile technology.
  • Learning patterns for organisational development.

Learning for professional development

  • Leveraging on competency-based approach.
  • Crowd-sourcing techniques to sieve out high potentials.

A learning culture for the business, by the business

  • Post learning management.
  • Enhancing leadership capabilities through soft skills approach.

Day 3 themes

Develop your workforce and optimise your talent

  • Building agile career pathing
  • Building talent in the digital talent ecosystem
  • Leveraging learning tech
  • Addressing talent displacement
  • Using skills adjacencies as an alternative skills identification approach

5 key takeaways from attending #LearningDevelopmentAsia 2021

Retain a high employee retention rate in the market

Hear how employee ambassadors are crucial in delivering a compelling employer brand.

Design a high-impact and purposeful L&D plan

Learn cross-industry benchmarking techniques you can use when designing your L&D plan.

Passing the baton to your next generation of leaders

Think beyond improving productivity and focus on grooming young leaders, and building a succession planning pipeline for tomorrow.

Co-create solutions with market leaders

As you share and discuss your solutions, open your mind to new concepts adopted by other organisations.

Connect with Singapore’s passionate L&D community

Network and collaborate with more than 150 C-level executives, senior HR leaders and L&D specialists across industries.

Great brands who have participated in our events

2021 Speakers

Meet Your Industry Experts

Past speakers

If you missed our past Learning & Development Asia 2019 conference and our L&D track in Accelerate HR 2020 virtual conference, scroll down to view the speakers who provided our HR community with useful insights, case studies and thought leadership.

Common challenges L&D professionals face

No matter your HR experience, the global workforce is grappling with what the industrial revolution 4.0 means in terms of the displacement of the workforce. Moreover, the new ways of working has caused disruptions as HR professionals struggle to make this transition with the given tools as they try to achieve the intended learning outcomes.

Learning & Development Asia is here to help you tackle new challenges when it comes to elevating your HR function, including:

Combing through technological disruption

Technology is taking over the world by storm, mimicking how the human brain processes, stores and acts on information. Jobs are being altered or replaced as new roles become more digital, multidisciplinary, and data-driven. Business leaders are now faced with the challenge of recognising and retraining existing talent for new roles.

Anchoring learning adoption and engagement

As skills emerge, evolve and expire, L&D plays a critical role in boosting employee skills preparedness. While continuous training is more cost-effective than disruptive layoffs and hiring, the challenge for talent development experts remains – how do you identify where, when and why your L&D brand is not resonating with your learners?

Tackling the rise of the alternative workforce

With demographics such as Gen Z, the Millennial, and mobile talent – digitised, social, mobile and self-directed learning opportunities are the buzzwords for increased engagement. How can HR resonate with them by building a learning culture that taps into the potential and preferences of all learners?

Achieving business goals through effective teams

In a learning culture, management and HR must work together to define the values, processes and practices that trickle down to employees, departments and the organisation to increase performance and competencies.

Rapidly adjusting to a new reality

The new ways of working is here to stay and organisations are forced to step-up their current learning approaches to enable remote and online delivery. At #LearningDevelopmentAsia, we help HR practitioners outline a straightforward, improved practice approach to help deliver effective online learning.

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