We are committed to ensure that your safety remains top priority, so that you are confident and comfortable attending our events in-person in safe and healthy environment. Here are the safety measures that will be implemented on event days:

1. Only fully vaccinated attendees are allowed entry
We are only allowing fully vaccinated attendees to participate in our in-person events in-person.

2. Social distancing, masks on all the time, and venue capacity
Our team is working closely with the event venue to ensure that all safety measurements and capacity restrictions are adhered according to the government’s public health directives. All attendees are required to keep a safe distance from each other with masks on all the time (unless eating or drinking).

3. Venue sanitation and timely cleaning
We strongly encourage you to practice good hygiene. We will be providing sanitation stations with hand sanitisers and disinfectant wipes ready onsite. The venue partner will ensure that the event space has a cleaning and sanitation protocols during appropriate intervals.

4. Consumption of refreshments
Serving of refreshments will be made in accordance to public health guidance, which includes a separate space for refreshment consumption.