18 June 2024

8:30 AM

Registration and refreshments

9:00 AM

Opening Address

9:10 AM

[Opening keynote]

Tomorrow’s CHRO: Evolving from a business ‘enabler’ to a business ‘accelerator’
  • Highlighting the CHRO’s role in aligning HR strategies with corporate goals, and driving business outcomes through people management.
  • Exploring the closer linkage between talent management, workforce readiness, and leadership development to elevate the business.
  • HR’s responsibility to foster a workplace environment that is adaptable, resilient, diverse, and inclusive.

9:50 AM

[Panel discussion]

Achieving more with less: Maximising ROI and driving talent excellence in a cost-aware era
  • Streamlining talent development to make it more flexible, fit-for-purpose, and highly elastic to respond to changing needs.
  • Integrating financial acumen and sustainability into the talent strategy to deliver enhanced organisational value.
  • Leveraging digital platforms to drive employee engagement and performance.

10:20 AM

Morning coffee and networking

10:40 AM

[Case study]

Transforming mindsets to transform culture: Empowering the organisation to take ownership for change
  • Encouraging adaptability and continuous learning to drive a cultural evolution, and to help the workforce embrace change.
  • Measures to build consistency, transparency, and effectiveness into any change journey.
  • Building a culture that values diverse perspectives and fosters teamwork to enhance human capital.
11:20 AM

[Fireside chat]

Gen Z at work: How to manage the newest generation’s expectations, preferences, and work styles
  • Ways to ‘slay’ talent practices for the youngest working generation in light of their technology dependence and savviness.
  • Strategies to ensure no workforce demographic has ‘FOMO’ by identifying each one’s unique characteristics and learning preferences.
  • ‘Squad goals’: Multi-generation workforce management approaches that create a workplace driven by respect, inclusivity, and harmony.
11:50 PM

[Case study]

Navigating new horizons: Career development pathways in the tech-driven era
  • Promoting ways to rewrite the concept of careers through the new lenses of internal mobility, continuous upskilling, and tech complementarity.
  • Addressing the concerns and anxieties around using technology for a more personalised career development pathway.
  • Retraining people managers on having tech-supported career conversations that incentivise the willingness to upskill and evolve.
12:30 PM

[Panel discussion]

Empowered engagement: Revolutionising the workplace experience through cutting-edge technology
  • Integrating AI and machine learning to personalise the employee experience for meaningful and impactful interaction.
  • Leveraging digital collaboration tools to foster a culture of open communication and teamwork.
  • Utilising data analytics for engagement insights to measure and enhance employee satisfaction in real-time.
1:00 PM

Networking lunch

1:00 PM

TRACK 1 – Talent Management
Tagline: Revolutionising talent dynamics through innovation

TRACK 2 – Learning & Development
Tagline: Transforming workforce dynamics with strategic learning innovations

2:00 PM


Topic A: Embracing the power of belonging: Innovative DEI approaches in talent management
  • Identifying methods for broadening talent pools, and unbiased hiring processes.
  • Exploring programmes that support diverse talent development and leadership preparation.
  • Discussing the importance of adaptable work policies in supporting diverse workforce needs, work-life balance, and employee retention.
Topic B: Scaling the frontier: Innovative strategies to overcome talent shortages in the digital epoch
  • Identifying what talent acquisition leaders need to do differently to attract the best talent in the market.
  • Ways to expand recruitment beyond local markets to access a wider array of skills and perspectives.
  • Elevating the EVP to focus on career development, flexibility, and a supportive work environment.
Topic C: Cultivating agile cultures: Fortifying talent for the future
  • Strategies for incorporating future-proof values such as adaptability into daily operations and decision-making processes.
  • Encouraging innovation and a proactive approach to challenges and changes in the environment.
  • Developing leaders capable of navigating uncertainty and inspiring teams to embrace agility as a core value.


Topic A: The artificial intelligence boom: What it means for your learning blueprint
  • What you need to know about AI as an L&D practitioner in 2024.
  • Ideas for applying ChatGPT and generative AI models to learning in your specific industry.
  • The transformative power of AI in personalising learning journeys like we have never seen before.
Topic B: Transformative leadership: Succession planning for organisational continuity
  • Encouraging leadership skills across the organisation to ensure a robust pipeline for future leaders.
  • Focusing on identifying and nurturing high-potential employees with tailored development plans.
  • Preparing for seamless transitions by broadening the skill sets of potential leaders through cross-functional experiences and training.
Topic C: Evolving workforce skills: Insights from upskilling and reskilling initiatives
  • Analysing how workforce requirements are shifting and what this means for current skill sets.
  • Designing impactful learning journeys that align with both individual career aspirations and organisational needs.
  • Implementing feedback loops to assess the effectiveness of learning initiatives, and adapting strategies for continuous improvement.

2:45 PM

[Case study]

Navigating the new norm: Harnessing AI and technology for enhanced talent management
  • Exploring the use cases of applying generative AI technology to recruitment, performance management, and more.
  • Addressing common obstacles and risks in integrating AI for the purpose of employee listening and analytics.
  • The importance of safeguarding data privacy and security in AI applications for secure decision making.

[Case study]

Elevating the value in talent mobility: L&D strategies for dynamic career pathing
  • The evolving demands placed on training needs identification given the VUCA environment.
  • Implementing L&D initiatives to support diverse skills, and promoting internal mobility and adaptability.
  • Means to create a continuous learning culture that encourages employees to pursue various untapped roles within the organisation.
  • Utilising digital platforms and AI to streamline the career mobility process.
3:15 PM

Afternoon break and networking

3:30 PM

[Case study]

Strategic talent retention: Engaging and retaining top performers in a competitive landscape
  • Crafting strategies to keep your best employees engaged, committed, and acknowledged.
  • Integrating effective rewards and recognition strategies to foster a culture of achievement and loyalty.
  • Utilising data analytics to predict employee turnover trends.

[Case study]

Maximising learning impacts: Moving beyond HR metrics into business outcomes
  • Shifting the focus from learning hours to organisational goals such as elevating business capabilities or entering new markets.
  • Evaluating the practical application of acquired knowledge and skills on key performance indicators.
  • Leveraging learning as a catalyst for driving meaningful organisational change to drive the business forward.

4:00 PM

Lucky draw and end of conference