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Opening Keynote: Future of Work – Humanized Automation

Digitalization has been a significant catalyst as to how we define the “modern workplace”. Automation is now an apparent subject that replaces manpower as well as jobs. As HR practitioners we should empower our staff and educate them of ideas that should redefine what work means from a corporate level to an individual level.

Keynote Speaker:

Akina Ho, Head of Digital Transformation & Innovation, The Great Eagle Company

HR Drivers Panel: Where Has All the Talent Gone – The Talent Pool Dilemma Post Crises

“It’s a numbers’ game!” is what we’re all told but finding the right talent has always been the HR practitioner’s dilemma and even more so now with the pandemic. And with today’s mandate of health and awareness, advancement in social networking, technology, connectivity, the ability to fill in headcounts has never been more challenging. Some of the questions we would like address are:

  • What are the issues we face in acquiring talent in today’s predicament and what can we do to improve it otherwise?
  • How should employers plan and strategize hiring initiatives given the mandates to control the crises (i.e. work from home initiatives, unpaid leaves, hiring freelancers, ad-hoc staff, etc.)


Mathieu Perna, Regional Head of Talent Acquisition, Societe Generale


May Szeto, Head of Human Resources, Asia, Grosvenor
Giorgio Benassi, Head of Talent Acquisition, H&M
Anissa Leung, Vice President  – Talent, Senior Recruiting & Training (North Asia – Greater China, Japan and Korea), Ceva Logistics

Morning Coffee and Networking
Case Study: Talent Directory – Pioneering the Support for Employees during times of Adversity

The world is now entering a new era of normality and with it, comes an economical aftermath that has had companies large and small, go through corporate restructuring and lay-offs. It is during these unprecedented times that compassion and support should be exhibited by all; management and staff included. Talent Acquisition and People Business Partners alike are now in the forefront of managing and navigating through this moving process and joining us to share her ideas and solutions is Renee Wu who will introduce the concept of Talent Directory and how it empowers HR practitioners for this initiative.


Renee Wu, Global Talent Acquisition Leader – APACMEA, Travelport

Reinvent HR in the Experience Age

Darryl Parrant, Country Business Leader for Careers from Mercer will share his ideas and thoughts on how organizations can create employee-centric, experience-driven talent practices and processes through data analytics and target interactions enabled by digital HR and change management.


Darryl Parrant, Country Business Leader, Career, Mercer

Case Study: New Perspectives Gained on Talent Acquisition Post COVID-19 #InsidePMI

Business practices and policies will never be the same post pandemic as it highlighted several issues as well as opportunities on how we operate and function. Technological assistance as well as social norms has been retrofitted to lessen any exposure that disables and disconnects everyone in the world. And to much extent, it greatly changed how HR leaders plan, implement execute various initiatives that empowers employees and management alike. And joining us is Ms. Angee Chan, Head of People & Culture, Hong Kong & Macau from Philip Morris International (PMI) who will share her ideas, experiences and lessons on one of the most significant aspect of HR in today’s timeline post pandemic.

  • Introduction of the candidate journey and overall candidate experience with PMI
  • Key lessons and what have we done during the pandemic
  • What are the shift of focus post COVID on talent acquisition and the way forward?


Angee Chan, Head of People & Culture, Hong Kong & Macau, Philip Morris International

Networking Lunch
Case Study: Employer Branding & Culture as an Influence on Retaining Talent

Keeping talent is not just a manpower issue; it’s a reflection of a company and a direct co-relation of how it performs, grows, and develops in the market. Having to put in money to keep talent is more of a band-aid than the cure! Talents of today are “experiential” by nature which goes beyond monetary compensation. And it’s about gaining intangible benefits and experience from the skills and services they receive and at the same time offer in the business. And so as HR practitioners, we’d like to know –

  • How can companies be “the best” place to work for? What can companies do to be “the best” place to work for?
  • What are the things and factors do talents consider in staying with a company?
  • How do companies provide the right incentive or motivation to have talents to stay?


Wesley Ling, Director of Talent and Culture, Rosewood Hotel Group

HR Drivers Panel: Talent Retention Impressions – HR’s Checklist in Keeping Talent

Our panel of experienced HR practitioners will discuss and share the challenges they face as well as opportunities in keeping talent in today’s competitive environment.

  • What are the challenges in keeping talent? What do companies of today do to retain their talent?
  • How do we keep your talent engaged and satisfied?
  • How do you manage and deal with exiting employees? Do you try to keep them or let them go?


Sarah Fung, Chief Executive Officer, The Hula


Bessie Chong, Director, Group Training and Talent Management, Esquel Group
Portia Tang, Director, Head of Professional Resources Solutions & Client Services, BDO
Vanessa Lin, Director of HR, APAC, Herman Miller

Partner’s Presentation
Afternoon Recharge and Networking
Insider’s Advice: Managing HR Through a Pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has led many businesses and HR practitioners to seek advice on how to navigate the various issues arising from the outbreak. During this session, we will discuss the legal obligations of employers and employees, and the good practice points that employers will want to consider protecting the staff and the business in the time of pandemic.


Hong Tran, Partner, Mayer Brown

Closing Keynote: Co-Ownership as Legal Unfair Competitive Advantage (LUCA) for Talent Engagement

Everyone knows of Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) as one of Hong Kong’s leading integrated telecom and technology solutions provider but few are familiar with how it got there.  NiQ Lai, Co-Owner and Group Chief Executive Officer of HKBN will share his experiences and ideas as to how the business got to where it is today, and where it is heading.  In particular, he will focus on how Co-Ownership is central to his company’s Legal Unfair Competitive Advantage (LUCA) and its alignment towards positive engagement of their talents.

Keynote Speaker:

NiQ Lai, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Hong Kong Broadband Network

End of Day One
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Welcome Address
Opening Keynote: Strategic Reflections on COVID-19 for Talent Professionals

“Let’s not waste a crisis”. Now that the hassle of sourcing facemasks and arranging remote work is (hopefully) over, it is time to reflect on what we have learned, and think about the way forward. After speaking with dozens of talent professionals, the speaker will share his perspectives on:

  • How can we see the business trends from the lens of talent professionals?
  • With what we have experienced in 1H 2020, what are the priorities for a crisis-resistant talent strategy?
  • What is the one passion of many talent professionals after the crisis?

Keynote Speaker:

Ben Chan, Head of Talent Development, Sun Hung Kai Properties

Case Study: The Rise of Data Analytics – Using Data to Map-Out Metrics of Performance

Data analytics is the fulcrum of today’s decision making. Whether it is looking at a group age of customers for production, a comparison between action points in marketing, or even in predicting sales forecast in the month/years to come. Data analytics has now become a viable tool in understanding employee performance in optimizing company growth. So how does data analytics determine these employee data points and interpret it from a business perspective? What are the examples of data driven initiatives? Who interprets the data and how do employees react to such data? How does a company benefit from the data?


Steven Yong, Chief Administrative Officer, HSBC

Morning Coffee and Networking
Case Study: Employee Moments That Matter – Our People Experience and Journey through Technology

Talents of today are not just focused on getting a higher pay or better benefit packages despite the proposition being very attractive and competitive. Talents are more sensitive of their own experience within the organization, including the world class workplace, development of leadership capabilities, future focused learning and wellbeing. From our presenter’s organization, they recognize that the future of work is fluid, flexible and constantly changing.  Our presenter will share ideas and experiences from which how all of talent related technologies are designed and developed to enable HR practitioners and individual employees to own their career, expand the experience, maximize the contribution to business priorities and achieve the ambition.


Winnie Tsien, Head of Human Resources, Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan, Jones Lang Lasalle

Case Study: Agility – Enabling a Culture to Innovate

Agility is a dynamic term adapted by businesses to promote adaptability in rapid changing environments. It’s also used as a term to describe new innovations and processes in technology. HR practitioners of today have also adapted the concept as a way or means to innovate mindsets and work-culture that would engage and enable employees and employers alike.


Debbie Tham, Head of Talent Management and Development, Aegon

Networking Lunch
Case Study: The Next Era of Learning & Development within the Property Space

Different businesses have different learning and development needs. And yet the goal is all the same – to empower and add value to each and everyone.  Anita Chan, Head of Learning and Development from Midland Realty will be presenting her experiences, ideas and how the journey of enabling a workforce to embrace a digital culture thru learning and development paved way to the success of one of the most recognized property brands in the country.


Anita Chan, Head of Learning and Development, Midland Realty

HR Driver’s Panel: Leading by Example – Best of Class Practices & Initiatives towards Learning & Development

Survey says that one of the most important initiatives that employees look at employers for is Training/Learning Development. And while that’s true, getting employees to do their L&D is another matter. And here are several questions we’d like to address:

  • So how do you get around the dilemmas of learning and development?
  • What are the challenges that both HR practitioner and employees face? What are the best practices that we can adapt to get a successful outcome?
  • Are there any existing support programs for trainings and how do we apply for incentives or matching grants for training programmes for staff in public and private sectors?


Jean-Michel Offe, Founder, Meraki Hospitality Group


Joel Cruzado, Senior Manager, Learning & Development, Asia Pacific, Starbucks
Debbie Mannas, Regional Organizational & Talent Head, Sun Life
Theresia Co, Head of Leadership and Talent Development, Link REIT

Afternoon Recharge and Networking
Insider’s Advice: Managing and Motivating Your Talents at times of Uncertainty

Uncertainty in the workplace can be defined by several factors; corporate hearsay, political rumblings, as well as mistrust & miscommunication are some of the examples of what employees go thru. And it’s not just about following and articulating office and labour guidelines – it’s about how we overcome it as an employee, an employer and as individual. So how do we manage thru uncertainty – inside and outside our offices? How do you manage office morale and what are the consequences after which? What are the examples of policies that most companies can enforce in dealing with crises?


Catherine Leung, Partner, Lewis Silkin

Closing Keynote: The Many Upsides of a Happy Workforce

It’s become an imperative for any business to make their employees happy – simply because it’s evident that when employees are happy, the business thrives! But what does happiness in the workplace mean? And as an organization, how do we promote happiness?  What are the examples of making a happy workforce? Is there even a downside to having a happy workforce?

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Scarlett Mattoli, Clinical Psychologist, Supervisor, Consultant, Researcher, Psynamo Group

End of Day Two
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