Redefining the power of mobility and its potential to boost business performance

Asia’s exclusive gathering for workforce mobility professionals in a hypercompetitive world


13 April 2023


9am- 5pm


The Westin Singapore



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workforce mobility professionals

roundtable sessions

About Talent Mobility 2023

Strategically driving business forward

Be part of Asia’s top platform for workforce mobility professionals as we explore the global trends and themes emerging from unprecedented events in recent years and assess how global mobility is adapting, exchange insights on the key role of flexibility and rapid-response and explore how organisations are adjusting to optimise for success in assignee experiences, amid continued uncertainty and change. 

A one-day, high-level, and content-packed event – #TalentMobility is designed to lead the talent mobility revolution and explore new frontiers in global mobility.

Redefining the power of mobility and its potential to boost business performance

As organisations move into the recovery stage, and global travel continues to grow, the world of global workforce mobility has evolved far beyond core mobility programmes. We have seen a surge in cross-border travel as hybrid work becomes the de-facto arrangement for most organisations, which has resulted in global mobility teams having to manage workforces that are distributed more than ever before. HR and workforce mobility teams have shifted towards being more digitised, leaner, talent-focused, inclusive, and integrated in a bid to be the true strategic partners of a business.

Talent Mobility 2023 is Asia’s premier platform for HR and mobility leaders, with more than 100 global workforce mobility industry experts attending. #TalentMobility is happening in Singapore, Asia’s leading business hub, also ranked as one of the world’s top workcation and expatriate destinations. Regional leaders, innovators, and change makers are coming together to build connections, seek solutions, and share insights on trends and issues on workforce mobility in the quickly evolving world of work.

The world of work is no longer just recovering from the pandemic; it is navigating a new and still-evolving landscape after three years of continuous disruptions. Here are some trends shaping the global mobility function in 2023 and beyond.

Sustainability and ESG: Promoting socially responsible, accountable and sustainable talent mobility

Heading into 2023, global corporations, investors and stakeholders will focus heavily on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). Global mobility teams will prioritise viable ESG plans and develop well thought-out sustainability strategies in response to both the new employee demographics, climate change, employee welfare, and supply chain sustainability. 

As companies move towards net-zero, HR and global mobility teams will be required to formulate sustainable policies while minimising potential impact on assignees, and ensuring that they remain focused on their goals and corporate values.

The partnership journey: Strengthening corporate-supplier collaboration to deliver successful relocation programmes

For most organisations, relocating employees to a new job opportunity has become increasingly complex, with tax, legal, immigration, and regulatory considerations. In order to ease the burden in moving your talent, and securing greater programme cost efficiencies, engaging third-party providers can help create a more satisfying environment for leaner and strategically focused mobility teams, whether this involves hybrid working, gig working, or assignments.

Having the right strategic partners will ensure international organisations will be able to achieve their business goals quickly and efficiently, as well as provide a great relocation experience for their employees.

Duty of care: Nurturing the health, safety, and wellbeing of the global workforce

Global developments, its effects, and the subsequent fallout have inevitably embedded itself into the business landscape and into (and even outside of) the workplace. Coupled with the momentum of overseas travel growth over the last couple of years, Duty of Care has been undeniably magnified as a key function of talent mobility. 

From health, safety, and security protocols increasingly becoming ubiquitous, prevalent, and varying between territories, “high-risk” has taken on a new meaning. This has meant next-level challenges and solutions for global mobility teams. Readiness is a must, and the right response for unexpected circumstances has never been more critical. 

Business performance and protection: Evolving business models to sustain a competitive edge

Whether to gain a competitive advantage or mitigate risk, companies continually evolve by reshaping their strategies and restructuring their organisation to deliver better and lasting results for all stakeholders.

HR and global mobility functions need to carefully consider what their departmental priorities should be and structure their teams for optimal performance. Organisations are transforming to become leaner, more focused, more inclusive and more predictive in their approach.

Digital adoption and transformation: Building the game plan for global mobility leaders

Digital modalities, capabilities, and prowess offer game-changing workforce solutions for organisations, and they are only waiting to be tapped into.  Technologies such as automation, Web3, and blockchain are unlocking next-level productivity, and it is up to HR leaders to define how it benefits their teams. 
With the advent of disruptive technologies, and the shifting regulatory environment, global talent mobility teams are evaluating how to bring further innovations to their business models, as well as how technology can augment and protect their human workforce, and expand mobility’s strategic abilities.

Government and regulatory: Increasing demands and growing complexities

Rising political uncertainty around the world is creating increasingly challenging situations for companies seeking to move talent into the location where they are needed. Being compliant in these more complex areas, is no longer an option, rather, it’s a necessity for a company to avoid severe consequences.

In 2023 and beyond, HR and global mobility teams need to understand the compliance risks and set clear policies for employee movements, supported with clear guidance on the dos and don’ts of overseas work. 

The six takeaways at Talent Mobility 2023

Highly interactive format and networking

Connect with like-minded peers and mobility industry experts to exchange perspectives, empowering you to ask questions and gain tangible solutions from interactive sessions, panel discussion and case studies. 

Gain best practices and new ideas

With a platform exclusively for top HR experts and mobility professionals, you’re sure to gather insights from the region’s leading organisations and industry disruptors. Delegates are pre-qualified for their experience; thus, you’ll be part of an exclusive group that comprises other HR experts and mobility professionals of the highest level. 

Strengthened industry collaboration

Tap into the opportunity to establish stronger ties with HR leaders and mobility professionals during roundtable sessions, and work through real business cases for modelling potential solutions. 

Wider access to cross-border opportunities

Find more potential in you and your organisation’s growth beyond territory borders as you find out more about the HR and mobility professionals of the region. 

High-value partnerships

Through industry-leading policy and programme benchmarks, get the chance to find your organisation’s next partner provider that can boost your efficiency and effectiveness. 

Comprehensive and more diverse perspectives

Augment your industry knowledge and find a future-proof strategy with the platform’s diverse set of themes and subject matters, discussed with fellow HR and mobility leaders from across the region’s wide array of sectors and industries. 



Talent Mobility 2023 features a line-up of industry innovators, disruptors, and change makers to share their expertise and insights with delegates from all over Asia, on how they can unlock the potential of their organisation’s global talent mobility in today’s competitive landscape.

In the meantime, if you would like to suggest a speaker/topic, or apply to speak, please drop us an email at

Vanessa Teo

Vanessa Teo

Director, Talent Management, Intercontinental

Preneet Bindra

Preneet Bindra

Head of Human Resources – Asia Pacific

Karen O. Wilks

Karen O. Wilks

Vice President, Strategic Growth

Larisa Beckhouse Okeke

Larisa Beckhouse Okeke

Chief Marketing Officer for APAC and Global Head of Research and Insights

Neha Gupta

Neha Gupta

Head Data and Analytics, APAC

Cigna Healthcare
Gina Ong

Gina Ong

Product Management Lead

Cigna Healthcare
Vivien Li

Vivien Li

Director HR, Water Quality Platform

Danaher Corporation
Iris Dayan-Bernal

Iris Dayan-Bernal

Global Mobility Manager – APAC

Dyson Operations Pte Ltd
Charles H. Ferguson

Charles H. Ferguson

General Manager, APAC

Graham Lim

Graham Lim

Senior Partner Manager, APAC

Annie Lim

Annie Lim

VP, Human Resources

Hummingbird Bioscience

Anita Ramachandran

Anita Ramachandran

Head of Learning and Talent Development

Tommy Loy

Tommy Loy

Head of People & Capability

KAS Group Asia
George Quek

George Quek

Head of Human Resource

Leeden National Oxygen Ltd.
Diego Diaz de Cossio Reynaud

Diego Diaz de Cossio Reynaud

Vice President, Human Relations

L’Oréal South Asia Pacific, Middle East & North Africa (SAPMENA)

Shumin Yeo

Shumin Yeo

Senior Manager, Global Mobility COE (US, EMEA, Asia)

Micron Technology
June Mahadevan

June Mahadevan

Vice President, Global Mobility – APAC

Publicis Groupe
Simon Raper, FCSD

Simon Raper, FCSD

Director, Head of Workplace Consulting, APAC, Cross-Border Tenant Advisory

Arabelle Chaw

Arabelle Chaw

Director Global Account Management


Guia Trinidad

Guia Trinidad

Global Mobility & Immigration (GMI) Business Partner

Dhilip Kumar Raju

Dhilip Kumar Raju

Head of Staffing, Asia Pacific

Shazy Tan

Shazy Tan

Senior Manager, Global Mobility


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