18 June 2024


8:30am – 4:30pm (HKT)


Hong Kong
Ocean Park Marriott Hotel



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senior HR professionals

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About Talent Management Asia

As Hong Kong’s business world strides into a new era, the spotlight shines on the critical union of talent management and learning and development (L&D). The future of work hinges on our ability to merge these disciplines, to foster an environment where HR professionals lead the charge in driving modern business forward.

The challenge ahead is multifaceted: How do we cultivate and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive landscape? The answer lies in embracing a new approach, where Talent Management and L&D are intertwined, crafting a workforce that’s not just capable but dynamic and resilient.

Human Resources Online is excited to present Talent Management Asia, making its anticipated return as an exclusive, one-day event. This gathering is set to be the cornerstone for over 180 HR leaders, eager to redefine their talent strategies with a fresh, integrated perspective.

This year’s event is a pivotal moment – a chance to join forces with peers and explore the transformative power of combining Talent Management with L&D. It’s an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue, absorb innovative practices, and leave equipped to navigate the complexities of today’s business environment.

Step into Hong Kong for Talent Management Asia, where we’ll embark on a journey of learning, connection, and strategic innovation. Together, let’s shape the future of HR, creating workplaces where talent not only thrives but leads the way in the modern business landscape.


We can’t wait to showcase an exciting line-up of speakers and sessions. So, stay tuned as we reveal more information on #TalentManagementAsia.

If you would like to enquire about speaking opportunities or suggest topics for 2024, please drop us an email at production_northasia@humanresourcesonline.net

Tony Wo

Tony Wo

Learning, Culture & Facilities Management Director

AXA Hong Kong & Macau
Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee

Human Resources Lead

Bayer Healthcare
Gunjan Parekh Dias

Gunjan Parekh Dias

Head of Learning & Development, HR, APAC


Virginia Lun

Virginia Lun

VP Human Resources

Samantha Yong

Samantha Yong

Vice President Human Resources

INTO University Partnerships

Christine Lau

Christine Lau

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Lauris Walton
Cassady Winston

Cassady Winston

Head of HR

Leighton Asia
Catherine Chow Ka Wing

Catherine Chow Ka Wing

Head of Human Resources, HK & Macau

Nestlé Hong Kong
Yolanda Ho

Yolanda Ho

VP Talent & Organisational Development

PVH Asia Pacific
Leonardo Anderle

Leonardo Anderle

Global Director, Talent Development

Rosewood Hotel Group
Wendy Wong

Wendy Wong

Partner, Head of Employment Asia, Lawyer

Simmons & Simmons

Florence Wong

Florence Wong

Head of HR, Hong Kong, Co-head HR, GBA

Standard Chartered

Iren Fabian

Iren Fabian

APAC Client Solutions Director

Sterling Lexicon

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Transformative Learning

Dive deep into sessions that merge the best of Talent Management and L&D, offering a holistic approach to nurturing top talent. Experience how the synergy between these fields can catapult your HR strategies to new heights.


Actionable Insights

Gain practical and actionable strategies from leading HR practitioners and thinkers. Discover how to seamlessly integrate L&D into your talent management practices, ensuring your initiatives drive meaningful business impact.


Leadership Perspectives

Draw inspiration from visionary leaders who are redefining the boundaries of HR. Learn from the wisdom of Hong Kong’s foremost HR professionals about aligning L&D with strategic business goals to cultivate a future-ready workforce.


Educational Excellence

Engage with a curated selection of workshops and keynotes designed to both educate and inspire. Our programme is finely tuned to the latest in HR and L&D, ensuring you leave with knowledge that translates into success.


Networking Nirvana

Build invaluable connections in our dedicated networking sessions. Mix with a community of HR professionals, industry leaders, and innovators, all facing similar challenges and looking to exchange fresh ideas and perspectives.


Technology Trends

Stay ahead of the curve with insights into how technology and digitalisation are reshaping talent management and L&D. Explore new tools and methodologies that enhance the talent experience and prepare your organisation for the future.

Showcase your brand


Elevate your brand at Talent Management Asia, the prime event intertwining Talent Management with L&D. This is your chance to connect with over 180 of Hong Kong’s top HR professionals and decision-makers.

Present your solutions and products on this prestigious platform, designed for leaders keen on shaping the future of HR. Talent Management Asia is your avenue for generating leads, enhancing brand visibility, and establishing thought leadership in a competitive landscape.

Seize the opportunity to stand out and make lasting impressions at Talent Management Asia. Let’s redefine the boundaries of talent management and L&D together.

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Brand Positioning

Participate in meaningful conversations with HR decision-makers during networking sessions and position your brand to remain top-of-mind post-conference. 
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Product Showcase

Show our audience your suite of products and services to empower HR leaders to drive business transformation and performance through your exclusive on-site exhibition booth. 
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Tap Into The Minds Of Decision Makers 

Get real-time perspectives from the HR community using community surveys and polls, and display how your business solutions can help them towards their commercial goals. 
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Lead Generation

Generate new cross-border leads and convert prospects beyond your current market. Gain access to high quality MQLs through face-to-face conversations with 200-plus delegates, and collect their business cards. 
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Prospect Engagement

Choose the method of engagement that best suits you. Whether through leading a dynamic panel discussion or an on-stage case study, say the word, and we will make it happen. Be the catalyst for change and lead the charge to transform the workforce. 
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Brand Recognition

Bring your brand to life and gain access to the best of the best in the HR industry through our impressive digital reach of over 250,000 decision makers and influencers in Asia. 
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Gain Access To Regional Hr Leaders  

Our flagship conference draws top HR leaders from MNCs, government bodies, SMEs, and start-ups from across North Asia who are hungry to develop comprehensive HR strategies and are ready to invest and maximise their human capital investments.  
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Customisable To Your Marketing Needs 

We are committed to delivering value-adding engagements between you and your target market, and helping you scale your marketing reach further. Speak to us on what you are looking for, and we will design the road map for success especially for you. 

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  • Pre-boarding and on-boarding
  • Performance management
  • Performance analytics
  • Succession management
  • People data analytics
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Leadership development
  • Coaching and mentoring

2024 Key Themes

Transformative Organisational Dynamics

Explore the essence of organisational transformation in the modern era, focusing on how businesses are reshaping to meet the challenges of today’s ever-changing market. Delve into innovative strategies for initiating change, driving forward-thinking practices, and cultivating an environment where agility and resilience are at the core of corporate culture. See how integrating L&D plays a crucial role in empowering this transformation.

Empowering Skills and Talent Development

Discover the transformative impact of prioritising internal talent and skills enhancement. Learn from leading HR practitioners on how to effectively nurture your organisation’s capabilities through comprehensive L&D initiatives, strategic succession planning, and promoting a culture dedicated to continuous improvement and professional growth.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of HR

Dive into the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the HR sector, with a special focus on its integration with L&D strategies. Understand how AI is not just streamlining recruitment and administrative tasks but also offering new avenues for personalised learning experiences and development paths. Gain insights into the latest AI advancements that are setting new standards for talent management and employee engagement.

Who should attend?

C-suite, Senior Management and Managers taking care of:


  • Human Resources
  • Talent Management
  • People Operations
  • Human Capital Management
  • People & Culture
  • Employee Experience
Teams focusing on:


  • Talent Acquisition
  • Recruitment
  • Employer Branding
  • Attraction Strategies
  • Training and Development
  • Onboarding specialist

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